Announcing Unshattering

At this time last week, I was in a car headed for the DC Women’s March. I have spent the week mulling over what to do.


When at Columbia, I did some time as a German lit grad student, so I feel I know what I’m looking at. But at the same time, events are moving at such a rapid pace, just tracking and verifying takes up much of my attention. It is exhausting. All week, this has felt like 9/11 did. And this seems to be a much more effective attack on America than Al Qaeda ever could have managed.

I have found that the Women’s March was very good for my psyche. I am seeing the glass as half-full, rejoicing in effective acts of resistance.

I have had a Nationbuilder account since 2014. I used it to promote Hieroglyph. I just upgraded the account this morning make it possible to do this site.

Secondly, after a few months of mulling over how to do my anthology idea, I am launching Unshattering, about how we reclaim the optimistic future that has been stolen from us. I will be paying professional rates for content. I am looking for science fiction, fantasy, poetry, memoir, art, & commentary about how we find our way back. Yes, we have arrived at come kind of dystopia, but how to we get home again?

I was thinking about doing a book, but there is no time for a book. And so I am starting with this site today. The submission address is

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